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Search Classification Outline for Relevant Headings
*First select a Classification Chapter. The default is ALL CHAPTERS. You may optionally enter a Classification Detail Number and/or Heading Search word(s). The Classification Detail Number is the 1 to 12 digits that follows the three digits of the Classification Chapter. To find headings that contain a matching word or exact phrase, enter the word or phrase in the Heading Search String field.
Hint: An alternative to using the mouse to select a chapter is to press any number from 1 to 8 once to get the main chapter, then continue pressing the same number to scroll through following chapters. i.e. press 5 once to get 500, then pressing 5 four more times will scroll to 501, 506, 512, 518. Pressing the letter A will select ALL CHAPTERS.

Enter 1 to 12 digits for classification detail number. The Classification Detail number is the 1 to 12 digits that follows the three digits of the Classification Chapter. Dashes are optional. The search will find all classifications that start with the Chapter XXX you selected above and the detail number you enter, disregarding trailing zeroes (i.e. 013300000000 will find all numbers under Chapter XXX-0133).
Entering information in the Headings Search field below will cause the search results to display only classification headings that contain the word(s) entered. Enter an exact phrase or partial word. This is not a natural language search so boolean words And, Or, Not, etc. are treated as part of an exact phrase. Example: Enter the search word strike to find headings containing words strike, striking, striker, strikers; also, entering the phrase interstate commerce will only give you headings with the entire phrase.
Search Results Maximum Records: Select the maximum records you want to see from the search. Searches that return up to 5000 or ALL records may take longer to execute so please be patient.
Check this box below to limit the search to records found from the previous search.
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