affd Affirmed
affg Affirming
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
ans Answer
Bd Board
B/O Bargaining Order
C Complaint
CBA Collective bargaining agreement
c/d Cease and desist
c/d/b Cease doing business
ct Court
distg Distinguished
D/O Decision and Order
DFR Duty of fair representation
E Employer
Ee Employee
enf enforcement
GC General Counsel
inj Injunction
LMRA Labor Management Relations Act, as amended
LPN License Practical Nurse
mtn Motion
NMB National Mediation Board
P&M Production and Maintenance
ptn Petition
qcr Question concerning representation
R Representation
RD Regional Director
R/O Remedial order
R/R Rules and Regulations
SCt Supreme Court
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
Supr Supervisor
TRO Temporary restraining order
U Union
Us Unions
ULP Unfair labor practice(s)
w/o Without
w/i Within