CiteNet Quick Start


CiteNet allows you to find a synopsis ("digest" or "scope note") of relevant issues found in Board and court decisions digested for a publication called Classified Index of NLRB Decisions and Related Court Decisions, since February 1, 1992 (Board volume 306 to present).  The Classified Index was last published as a blue hardbound volume in October 2005.  This search tool does not provide you with a link to the decision itself.  You can find any Board decision in 


1.      If you are not familiar with our classification system


To get an overview of the structure of the classification system, click on "search headings."  This will display all 74 classification chapters.  Scroll down the list of the 74 classification chapters to find the chapter you need, e.g. 530 - "Employer Obligation to Bargain".  Click that chapter heading, leave blank the other boxes (classification detail, heading search string), leave maximum records box at “2000”, and then click search headings at bottom of screen.  This will bring you to a list of all sub classifications listed under the general classification chapter you chose.  HINT: If you are not familiar with the Classification System, and do not have access to the hardbound Classified Index (blue books), you may prefer to print a hard copy of any chapter (Chapter 512 is 28 pages long).  ANOTHER HINT:  The "300" chapters involve representation issues, and the "500" chapters involve unfair labor practice issues. 


When you find a relevant classification number, e.g. 530-2025-3317-2500 (demand for recognition or to begin negotiations), click on that number if it is underlined (numbers not underlined have no online cases in that category).  If desired, fill in the boxes that allow you to limit the kinds of cases listed (e.g. limits by Regions, case type, decision type), and then click search digest, at bottom of screen.  You will be given all cases and scope notes for all cases since 1992 that have been classified under that heading, one case per page.  To view the entire list and/or print the entire list, click “list all results in new window.” 


Another way to use the search headings is to limit your search by word(s).  Thus, once you find the classification chapter you need, e.g. 530 - "Employer Obligation to Bargain", you can also type in a word or phrase in Heading Search String.  This will cause the search results to display only classification headings that contain the word(s) entered.  Thus, if you are looking for cases digested under "Employer Obligation to Bargain" that have to do with "discharge", and you don't know the exact detail number, scroll down to "530" under classification chapter, leave the classification detail number blank, and insert "discharge" in Heading Search String.  Please note, however, that because this is a search of index headings, a particular word may not be in a heading, but may be found by doing a word search (digest search string) within a scope note, as explained at  # 2 below. 


Chapter 440 (Determinations of Scope of Unit) contains pages of SIC (standard industrial classification) codes for unit placement purposes.  Unless you are familiar with the SIC system, we recommend scrolling past those classifications.


2.      If you already know the classification number 


Go directly to search digest.  Type in the classification number, e.g. 530-2075-6717-3300 (single purpose designation of representative).  Dashes are optional.  If you are looking for a particular word or phrase in the digests and want that word highlighted, type it in “digest search string.”  As noted above, you can also limit the search by Region, case type, decision type.  Hint: The "digest search string" does not have an exact match capability at this time.  Thus, the search results will bring up all words containing the word requested, e.g. "rat" will also bring up "ratified" and arbitrator".


3.      If you are searching for a particular case and know the case name


Go directly to search case name and type in the name, e.g. Electromation.  You will be given a list of all cases with that name.  Click details to be shown pertinent information about that case (name, case number, decision date, etc.), plus all case digests and classification numbers for that case.  If you click on a digest number given for your case, you will be shown all other cases that have been digested under that number, by clicking "search digest" at the bottom of the screen.


4.  For more detailed help, see the on-line User Guide.