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April 21, 2021
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The entries in this system include all Board decisions beginning in February 1992 (Board Volume 306). The most recent update on April 21, 2021 covers contemporaneous Court decisions and selected ALJ Decisions adopted in the absence of exceptions.

Most published Board decisions are included in this research system. Examples where a published Board decision might not be digested include cases containing only routine or repetitive issues, such as Summary Judgment cases in which the only issue was whether the matter was fully litigated in a prior hearing. ALJ Decisions adopted by the Board in the absence of exceptions ordinarily are not digested. They might be included if they are unusual or of special interest, such as decisions dealing with an emerging issue on which the Board has not yet spoken.

Court opinions ordinarily are included if they contain a discussion of one or more of the substantive issues in the case, and are not merely per curiam or similarly abbreviated dispositions.